Craig Collins, Master Sommelier
Twitter: @CCollinsMS

Master Sommelier Craig Collins has been passionately exploring his love for wine since the day he turned 21 and began working at a local winery. His advancement continued after graduating from Texas A&M University and working for Glazers Fine Wine Division. It was through this appointment that Craig was introduced to the Court of Master Sommeliers and refined the professional skills and industry knowledge that would shape his career.

Craig moved to Austin, Tx in 2005 to manage Prestige Wine Cellars where he was responsible for the sales and marketing of over 300 boutique wineries. In 2011 he followed his love for all things Italian and began working for Dalla Terra as their South Central Regional Manager.

He currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife April. Craig is also a board member of Texsom, an organization which is responsible for top-notch education of Texas wine professionals. In 2011, Craig became one of only 180 people in the world to have passed the esteemed Master Sommelier Exam.


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