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Craft Beer Pairing Series with Boulevard Brewing Co. – Fall Favorites

Food pairing experts, Neil Witte, field quality manager at Boulevard Brewing Co., and Josh Eans, sous chef at The American, a highly acclaimed restaurant in Kansas City, write a weekly blog providing insight into pairing different beer styles with different proteins. Below they focus on beers that compliment the comfort foods of cooler temperatures.

Fall colors and the arrival of cold weather inspire cravings for comfort foods and bigger, heartier beers. Richer flavored foods call for fuller flavored beers, and this week’s pairing suggestions for three different dishes fit the bill.

Creamy Chicken Alfredo Paired with Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale
The first dish, Chicken Alfredo, was baked and served with cheesy garlic bread. Josh commented on intensity of flavor, “Here’s another dish that needs some intensity to match. The creamy alfredo sauce needs crispness to cut through it.”  Neil suggested Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale, a light colored Belgian-style Saison by Boulevard Brewing Company that has some fullness of flavor from the hop bitterness and the elevated alcohol content but still retains a crisp, drinkable character. “This beer has just the right amount of carbonation and hop bitterness to cut the richness of the cream sauce but not so much flavor as to overwhelm the food.”

Meat Lover’s Lasagna Paired with Nommo Dubbel
The Omaha Steaks lasagna also comes prepared, so all you have to do is bake it and serve hot with cheesy garlic bread. Josh and Neil selected Boulevard Brewing Company’s Nommo Dubbel to compliment the pasta dish. The seasonal ale is a Belgian-style Dubbel, a style popularized by some of the world-famous Trappist breweries in Belgium. It has a brown color with distinct fruity fermentation aromas and a rich, nutty malt flavor that finishes slightly sweet with very little bitterness. Neil commented on pairing beers with acidity in food. “Tomatoes and tomato sauces are acidic and do well with sweeter flavored beers”, he said.  “Nommo is sweet and full flavored, so it balances the tomato sauce but stands up to the fullness of the lasagna as a whole.”  “A great match,” agreed Josh.

Trip Tip Roast Paired with Bully! Porter
Finally it was time to prepare the Trip Tip Roast. It was rubbed with coffee and chili powder, then roasted to medium rare. Our experts sliced the meat and combined into soft tacos with traditional garnishes with rice and beans on the side. Josh had a pairing in mind right off the bat, “The coffee and roast of the meat are screaming for Bully! Porter.” This robust ale from Boulevard Brewing Company is a medium to full-bodied beer with a distinct roasted malt flavor reminiscent of coffee and chocolate, balanced by a medium hop bitterness. “The roast in the malt fits right into the featured flavors of the meat”, Neil said.  “The preparation is really what dictates the pairing here.”  Both agreed the pairing was a favorite.

As it continues to get colder, warm up with one of these hearty meals but don’t forget how the right beer pairing can make that that overall experience to the next level!

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