How-tos 8 Reasons Not to Take Mom to Mother’s Day Brunch

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8 Reasons Not to Take Mom to Mother’s Day Brunch

Sure, Mother’s Day means flowers… don’t forget those! But for many folks all over the country, especially adult children, it means brunch. You’re supposed to get a spot at a restaurant with an egg pun in the name and trudge your mom over there for an Instagram-worthy mid-morning sparkling-wine-infused meal.

We’re not knocking the meal. We love brunch. But we love dinner, too, and so does your mom.

There are about a million reasons why making Mom brunch at home or grilling her steaks for dinner is better than going out. Here are eight of them:

  • So. Crowded. She doesn’t want you shouting at her, even if it’s over a creative omelette.
  • Why give someone else cooking credit? If you make the meal, she’ll know you’re the best one of her children, definitely.
  • She doesn’t need to know how many mimosas you can drink.
  • Raising you wasn’t easy. She’s been through too much to stand in line for quiche.
  • Restaurants aren’t even near their best on the busiest days. That expensive prix fixe Mother’s Day menu is probably an assembly line.
  • If you make Mom wait for “brunch time” to start her day, she’ll get grumpy. You don’t want that.
  • Brunch is divisive. Steak is universal. Let mom have a normal breakfast (you can even bring it to her if you’re extra nice), and cook a special Mother’s Day dinner instead!
  • You’ll both be happier at home! Omaha Steaks delicious Mother’s Day come with everything you need to make her brunch or grill her a special dinner that she’ll actually enjoy. (P.S. Standard delivery is still available for a lot of areas, and you can always head in-store, too.)

Happy (early) Mother’s Day from Omaha Steaks!


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