How-tos Complex Meals Made Easy: 9 Simple Steps to Classically Cuban, Easy Mojo Pork

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Complex Meals Made Easy: 9 Simple Steps to a Perfect Cuban Mojo Pork

Click here to make things easier on yourself. Keep reading to get the whole scoop on easy Mojo pork.


The “Classic” Cuban Mojo Pork

First, assemble your ingredients: pork roast, garlic, cumin, black pepper, oregano, fresh orange juice, olive oil, salt, mint, and a lime. (Plus, if you want a fully realized dish, rice for steaming, black beans, and any other garnishes.)

First, you’ll make the Mojo by combining your herbs and seasonings with the orange juice, lime juice, and olive oil — but hold the phone, you did mince your garlic, right? And don’t forget about the fresh oregano leaves; those need to be minced, too. And, while you’ve got your knife out, you might as well roughly chop your fresh mint for the pork — as you’ve probably noticed, this recipe requires a lot of freshly prepared ingredients for optimal flavor.

Once you’ve got the Mojo ingredients all chopped, minced, and prepped, you’ll combine them and whisk, whisk, whisky away. Season with salt to taste, and then divvy up the mixture into two portions. One of those portions goes in the fridge for reserve, while the other goes on top of your pork roast. Don’t be too hasty, though — if you haven’t removed the rind from your roast, you’ll need to do that first. Once that’s done, you can move your Mojo pork to the fridge too, where you’ll need to marinate it… overnight. Yup, this recipe is a multi-day affair.

Let’s press the fast-forward button, shall we? There’s a better way. Instead of two days of chopping, dicing, roasting, and slicing, you can have a classically Cuban, easy Mojo Pork that’s super succulent.

Let us show you how!



Still Classically Cuban and Actually Easy Mojo Pork

With just a few extra minutes in your morning, you can be the Cuban chef you’ve always dreamed of being, with way less work (and time) required. Here’s how to do it with our easy Cuban Mojo Pork, in nine simple steps:

  1. Pull out your Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker.
  2. Unpack and assemble the ingredients from your Cuban Mojo Pork Crock-Pot® Meal.
  3. Carefully open the bag with vegetables, and remove your rice and the two sauce pouches. Return the vegetables and rice to your freezer.
  4. Unwrap and place your pork in the bottom of the slow cooker. Be sure to wash your hands after handling the raw pork!
  5. Next, top your pork with the sauce from both sauce packets.
  6. Program your slow cooker to low and start off your day — set it and forget it till dinnertime.
  7. Once you’re home and there’s only an hour left till dinner, grab that bag of veggies from the freezer and pour in (no need to stir).
  8. When you’re down to the last few minutes, microwave your rich pouch on HIGH for three minutes.
  9. An hour later, spoon the fall-of-the-bone pork over the steamed rice and delight in a Cuban classic.


¡Buen provecho!


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