How-tos 5 Ways to Achieve Friendsgiving Perfection

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5 Ways to Achieve Friendsgiving Perfection

Friendsgiving. You know the word. Maybe you’ve even attended or hosted your own Friendsgiving feast. Did you, like us, fly by the seat of your pants when trying to get this new tradition just right? New traditions are funny like that.

Feasting season means a lot of worry, especially when it comes to crafting a perfect Thanksgiving meal for your family. Friendsgiving, on the other hand, offers us a chance to blow off some of that holiday-planning steam and kick back for a spirited (you better believe there will be spirits!), casual banquet with those who help us cope with holiday-induced stress: Our friends.

Friendsgiving means flexibility. It’s a welcome respite from the shackles of pleasing the old guard with a golden brown bird, potato sides, and pumpkin pie (not that there’s anything wrong with pumpkin pie). With Friendsgiving, the pressure to uphold tradition is off. Hosting Friendsgiving gives you a chance to stretch your culinary chops, do something different, and, perhaps most important, let your friends carry a bulk of the delicious duties.

Here are five tips to make your Friendsgiving feast stress-free and simply scrumptious.

1. Supplying the venue? Delegate the menu.

No, not the entire menu, but the bulk of it for sure. For this event, you’re the host, not the chef. Consider contributing a simple dish — maybe an easy, unique appetizer or delicious steak — that won’t cut into your tidying-up-the-home time. Then let your guests know whether or not your feast will follow a theme: brunch, taco fiesta, no theme whatsoever, etc. They can take it from there, though as host, you’re within your rights to nudge them toward dishes that appeal to your specific tastes or those of the guest list on the whole.

2. Skip the (traditional) bird.

Feasting in November without a turkey!?! Preposterous, right? Hear us out. You don’t have to forego turkey entirely, but consider how much time it takes to do the bird right. Thawing, stuffing, basting, carving — these steps add up, and Friendsgiving is about breaking the mold and taking it easy with your friends, not respecting convention. Get creative with classic get-together foods like burgers & franks, sausages, or steaks (#Steaksgiving, anyone?). Your friends will beam at the chance to savor these summertime classics at an unconventional time of year, especially if you dress up yours with one of our awesome, easy recipes. And of course, if you want play it safe, plenty of easy, offbeat turkey options exist, too.

3. Experiment with appetizers.

Tell your friends to forget the relish tray. Seriously. Oven-ready appetizers — from Artisanal Flatbreads to out-of-this-world Charcuterie to creamy flaky Brie Bites — are guaranteed to surprise and delight hungry feasters. Friendsgiving is about sharing new experiences, so ask your guests to bring items Grandma wouldn’t let near her cornucopia. Suggest bake-and-eat gourmet apps that don’t require prep or prolonged cooking. This allows you and your crew to embark  upon a fresh culinary journey together without breaking a sweat — assuming you do it right. Luckily, with our unique assortment of appetizer options, doing it right is straightforward, simple, and always satisfying.

4. Do dessert.

To celebrate any occasion without dessert is to swim without water. Why even bother? Dessert is a no-brainer, BUT for Friendsgiving, dessert need not be relegated to meal’s end. Have your guests bring their favorite sweets, and make a point to serve up the goods early on. Pies, Cakes, Macarons, Tarts, Chocolates, and more are all fair game.

5. Wine.

Need we say more?

(Check out our wine selection, here.)

What are you serving up this Friendsgiving? Share your ideas with us in a comment, or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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