How-tos 9 Homegating Don'ts for a Super Easy, Super Tasty Game Day

by SteakBytes


9 Homegating “Don’ts” for a Super-Easy Game Day

Hosting family and friends for the big game? Here’s a list of the things you don’t have to do.


1. Form any food into a football shape.

Spend your time on food attributes that matter, like “shareable,” “easy to make,” and “buffalo.”


2. Make everything yourself.

Accept a little help! That means two things – let your guests volunteer to bring their faves, and serve gourmet ready-to-heat gameday apps from Omaha Steaks.


3. Dishes.

Use high-quality paper plates (the kind with some heft to them, not the cheapies!) and sturdy plastic cups. Trust us, zero guests will be offended and you’ll be glad you did.


4. Try a new recipe.

It’s not worth it! A Sunday like this is for never-before-seen quantities of familiar foods, not fumbling around with never-before-attempted dishes. The only exception: Omaha Steaks Crock-Pot® Meals… you literally can’t mess them up.


5. Wear a jersey.

You’re not on the team — just don’t.


6. Make a food schedule.

Instead, set up a system where the oven’s on all day at a temperature that accommodates any and all your foods. Omaha Steaks appetizers are almost all designed to cook at 400 degrees F, so you can just pop anything in, anytime.


7. Watch the commercials.

Lots of hype around these hyper-expensive brand videos, but they’ll all be online on Monday. Use the time to make sure everything’s going well with the party.


8. Grunt, burp, chug, fist-bump, chest-bump, or anything-else-bump.

Yes, it’s a football game. But it’s also a party at your house, and you don’t have to do all that mess.


9. Start from scratch.

No shame in asking for a little help – that’s what we’re here for. Try Omaha Steaks all-new Crock-Pot® slow cooker meals for an easy slow cooker dish, easy ready-to-bake bites like our Arancini, or a made-just-for-this-occasion Buffalo Chicken Artisan Flatbread. Yes, we’re biased here, but you won’t see us breaking a sweat this Sunday.


Happy homegating from Omaha Steaks!


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