How-tos 5 Indulgent Ways to Truly Enjoy Treat Yourself Week

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5 Indulgent Ways to Enjoy Treat Yourself Week

Consider this: You’ve just spent roughly two months – from the start of your Thanksgiving plans to tossing out the last of the discarded Christmas wrapping paper – giving every last piece of yourself to your family.

That’s a lot to ask of one person. After everything you’ve gone through in the last couple months, don’t you deserve to be a little selfish?

That’s a silly question. Of course you do!

That’s why we’ve dubbed that week in between Christmas and New Year’s TREAT YOURSELF WEEK – a handful of days to decompress from the hectic holiday hustle and enjoy some guilt-free indulgences before you dive into yet another New Year’s Resolution.

We’re here to give you some ideas on how to live up this final week so instead of closing out 2016 with a bang, you can enter 2017 with a contented sigh instead.



On the first day of Treat Yourself Week, myself gave to me… Chocolate. Delicious, delicious chocolate. What better way to start a week of indulgence than with the fresh aroma and smooth texture of world class chocolates? And here you thought we just did meat.

Well, would a steak-shaped chocolate float your boat? What about rich almond toffee wrapped in a layer of milk or dark chocolate? We have both. Craving a Dark Chocolate Champagne truffle containing Belgian dark chocolate infused with real bubbly? Wow. That’s a weirdly specific craving, but yes! We have that, too.

Omaha Steaks Chocolate Collection is the perfect way to begin traveling down the road to relaxation station.



Speaking of relaxation, a belly full of satisfying comfort foods sounds right up your alley. I mean, “comfort” is right there in the name. How could you go wrong? Trick question: You can’t.

Give our Fully Cooked Pot Roast a try to create an honest-to-goodness home-cooked meal in a matter of minutes.

Or sink your teeth into one of our perfectly crispy Chicken Fried Steaks. This perennial favorite features the bold, grain-fed flavor of an Omaha Steaks Top Sirloin, hand-dressed in a rustic coating with down-home seasonings for a pleasantly peppery flavor.

You might even consider our new Steak Burgundy in Pastry, a sensationally simple way to treat yourself to the luxurious flavors of France’s Beef Bourguignon.



We’re halfway through Treat Yourself Week and we finally get to a steak… Wait, what are we saying? This isn’t just any regular, ordinary steak. This is the Filet Mignon! This is the “Steak” in Omaha Steaks. Buttery tender, perfectly aged – this is the steak that put us on the map.

When you want to treat yourself and you want a rich, elegant cut of beef, plate yourself a Filet Mignon. Or a few of them – who are we to judge? As chunky tips to enhance any recipe, wrapped in a smoky, savory strip of bacon, or simply au natural, there’s no wrong way to enjoy our world-famous, fork-tender Filet Mignons.



More sweets? Why not? Depending on the size of your sweet tooth, this is where you put the “Treat” in Treat Yourself Week. Omaha Steaks has plenty of decadent indulgences to choose from. And we won’t even make you share.

Strap yourself in for a second helping of chocolate satisfaction with our reinvigorated, renewed, and refreshed Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes. Topped with an airy dusting of brown sugar and cocoa streusel and overflowing with rich, chocolate ganache, each forkful of Swiss chocolate cake will make you think you’re savoring a cloud.

Speaking of light and airy, our French Macarons are the perfect complement after finishing off the French-inspired Steak Burgundy in Pastry. Stick around France for a while and dive into all four of these irresistible flavors.



Sure, you say you love steak, but is it an undying devotion or just puppy love? Our King Cuts are the perfect way to prove it.

Live out your dreams of eating like the Flintstones with a 48 oz. Ribeye on the Bone or 48 oz. T-Bone. Or push your stomach to the limit with a Top Sirloin that weighs in at 72 oz. That’s four and a half pounds of our best beef, cut beautifully into a steak so massive… well, “epic” only begins to describe it.

Anxious about cooking such a massive slab of meat? Don’t sweat it. We provide plenty of instruction to make sure this final meal of Treat Yourself Week is “worth the weight.”


There you have it. Five ways to live your Treat Yourself Week to its fullest. And after this week “fullest” is what you’ll be. But honestly, would you have it any other way? We didn’t think so. Have a safe and happy ending to your 2016 and we’ll see you again in the New Year!


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