by Matt Hames


Wednesday Giveaway 1/14/2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway
RulesYou must enter through the Rafflecopter contest template above. We will select 2 random entries who have entered between 12:00 pm and 11:59 pm CT on January 14, 2015 to receive 500 Steaklover Rewards Points that can be used towards products or discounts. The information submitted to enter the contest will be used to automatically enroll you in Steaklovers Rewards. This may result in some occasional marketing emails, but you can opt out at any time. (Full rules disclosed above in the Terms & Conditions)

Choose Rewards

Redeem points for delicious, free gourmet food with your next purchase.

200 Points

Private Reserve Bone in filet

Learn more about Steaklover Rewards!

– 6 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers or  – 4 Individual New York Cheesecakes 

300 Points

– 4 (4.5 oz.) Stuffed Sole with Scallops and Crabmeat or  – 2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins 

400 Points

– 8 (3 oz.) Jumbo Franks and 6 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers or  – 1 (2 lbs.) Oven Roasted Turkey Breast 

500 Points

– 2 (6 oz.) Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon or  – The Grilling Greats Combo: 2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins, 4 (4 oz.) OS Burgers and 4 (3 oz.) Jumbo Franks 

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485 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway 1/14/2015

  1. @AllenKelly says:

    Love your social media contests…..and your FILET MIGNON!

  2. I would love to win the gift cards so I could try the steaks from Omaha steaks.

  3. Elizabeth Countryman says:

    Love those steaks! Hope I win!

  4. Polly Hall says:

    t bone

  5. Jeff Kuntz says:

    Flat irons or Ribeyes

  6. desiree says:

    we love steaks for this summer camping and vactions

  7. Jada Edwards says:

    Filet mignon!! Mmmm….

  8. Joanne Spencer says:

    My granddaughhter LOVES your stuffed potatoes. would love to surprise her with a gift card. Thanks!

  9. LORI ROYCE says:

    Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon

  10. Melissa Willenbacher says:

    love it!

  11. We really enjoy Omaha steaks.Would love to win

  12. Sherry Vilander says:

    I love you. My BBQ is ready to go.

  13. Terry Barton says:

    All of them.

  14. Mary Jean Fasig says:

    I love Omaha meats…..I keep checking for a good assortment with free shipping, when I find it, I will place an order, my freezer is getting empty.

  15. Would love to have a gift card have bought from here for gifts but have not tried any of your meat.

  16. Martin Hession says:

    Love you guys

  17. Deborah Zerby says:

    best steaks anywhere

  18. sherrie says:

    Would love to win this towards a Fathers day cookout

  19. Cynthia Stacey says:


  20. Krista says:

    love your steaks and everything!!!

  21. sharon Daniel says:

    We raise black angus cattle and I know my steak! We have discovered Omaha Steaks and there are NONE any better!

  22. have ordered many of your meat packages for family members but never got to keep one for us here at home.If I win I promise to use it right here at home. Thanks so much for the chance to win one

  23. Caroline Hall says:

    LOVE steak!

  24. Don Bielawski says:

    I Would Love to Win.

  25. Elisa Lowe says:

    love steaks and would love to win.

  26. Brenda says:

    Would sure love some steaks for next weekend!! 🙂

  27. Dee says:

    Great for gifts.

  28. JoAnn says:

    Love Love Love!!!!!

  29. Michael Joe Burke says:

    Take, Make, and Bake but I ache for a steak !

  30. Michael Joe Burke says:

    Forsake Cake, Hake, I ache for a steak !

  31. Thomas says:

    Pick me! I need to reorder!

  32. I love steak it is my favorite thing to eat.

  33. Becky says:

    Sorry, I don’t twitter, but I do love those rib eye steaks!

  34. Janet Jordan says:

    Thank you for hosting such a great contest!!!!

  35. Tandy B says:

    Yummy steaks only from Omaha!

  36. like all of your steaks

  37. ok Ribeye’s are great

  38. Kim Haithcock says:

    Love this offer!

  39. thomas wyman,jr. says:

    While I was deployed in Spain &,Germany I orderd your meats. (Beef overseas sucks)! Was a big hit with my fellow troops. I got you folks a lot of business. Keep up the great taste & quality. Thank you for bringing the great taste of Nebraska beef to me when I was deployed. 🙂

  40. Brenda says:

    Lets Eat!!

  41. James Jolliffe says:

    I am rarely able to afford buying your steaks these days, even though they are by far my favorite. I would love a gift card to reduce the cost!

  42. Patricia b says:

    I am hoping it’s me!

  43. patricia says:

    surewould like to have those steaks

  44. lukebandit says:

    Love Ribeyes!!!

  45. Don Bielawski says:

    I Love Steak, Wish I Could Win to Get Some. Thanks.

  46. Kathy Somerville says:

    would love to try some bacon wrapped Filet Mignon

  47. LaDina Perrault says:

    Love the Filets!!

  48. Becky says:

    Love your GOODS, and you told me to pick my favorite however there all my favorite!! Thanks for the opportunity…. WINNIG (Pretty Please) !!!!

  49. Ribeye steaks-YUMMY!!!

  50. Harold and I love steak a lot went we can get it we love it

  51. DPBrakhage says:

    Growing up in Nebraska I know where the best steaks come from. Now living in Ohio I have Omaha Steaks just a couple times a year. I would always like to have them more often.

  52. Don Bielawski says:

    Really Really Hope I Can Win.

  53. Carol Buchman says:

    Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  54. Karen Weinmann says:

    I’m Hungry!

  55. Diana says:

    love you’re top sirlons and desserts

  56. William Smith says:

    that is the best

    st eaks

  57. Jimmy Chinnes says:

    I always give most away. I do love your steaks.

  58. Cindy Croom says:

    Rib Eye for the grill on Memorial Day.

  59. DBrakhage says:

    It’s sunny hot and humid and I’m dreaming of Omaha Steaks!!!Yum!

  60. I never had those steaks hope that I will win.

  61. Don Bielawski says:

    Hope For The Best.

  62. Susan Frenette Watson says:

    We are so excited to be able to send such great gifts to our kids and hear how pumped they were to receive Omaha Steaks

  63. patricia caradonna says:

    I have never tried Omaha Steaks. My fingers are crossed! Thank you!

  64. Deborah Coburn says:


  65. Fred says:

    Need those steaks for the BBQ….Flat Irons area the best!!

  66. Lori Deraimo says:

    Your ribeye is my favorite steak. Would love to win a gift card.

  67. Don Bielawski says:

    I Have Keep Trying To Win, Hope It Happens Soon.

  68. Emily says:

    Would love to win this to get some YUMMY steaks for Fathers day!

  69. Tamra Clifford says:

    I love Omaha

  70. Love your chicken/steaks

  71. Dina Perrault says:

    Hoping to win, yummy!!

  72. Carole Price says:

    Bacon wrapped filet with stuffed potatoes!

  73. donna sanders says:

    I would love to win your gift cert. today…thanks for the chance

  74. Love all your meats, sides, and deserts!

  75. Fred says:

    it’s my time?

  76. Lori Deraimo says:

    I love ribeyes.

  77. Jen says:

    Yay! Love Omaha Steaks!! Yum! Good luck everyone 🙂

  78. Lori Deraimo says:

    Ribeye is the best.

  79. Kathy Somerville says:

    Can’t wait to win my certificate. My order is ready to go… 🙂

  80. Waun Fisher says:

    Would love to win so I could try your stakes

  81. Don Bielawski says:

    Come on, My Birthdays This Month…. I would Love to Win a Steak.

  82. EVELYN says:

    Rafflecopter has my entry. Omaha Steaks can have the rumble in my tummy. I suppose it anticipates a new yummy food source!

  83. Wanda Fitzpatrick says:

    I love the strip steaks the most, but the quality of your products makes it hard to choose just one 🙂

  84. Melanie says:

    Marinated Top Sirloins 🙂

  85. Melanie says:

    Filet!!! 🙂

  86. susan jette says:

    hope to win

  87. I love tour Filet Mingon (spell) wrapped in Bacon!!!!

  88. Diane H says:

    Would love to win this! Have never tried your steaks and would love to try. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win!

  89. Jeanne Rousseau says:

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  90. EVELYN says:

    Simply delicious, an excellent line of food products.

  91. Leisha says:

    My friend orders from you and we go halfies love the filet mignon

  92. karen pierce says:

    Omaha steaks are the best. I would love to be a winner!

  93. Shannon Loranger Olson says:

    Great steaks

  94. Kathy Somerville says:

    Would love to win this certificate and have a great BBQ.

  95. iris mcleod says:

    Filet mignon

  96. Julie Barton says:

    Just in time for the weekend. Love your steaks~~

  97. Richard Samuhel says:

    Buy most of my meat and other produces from Omaha.

  98. Georgia says:

    Strip steak are my favorite done on the gas grill will the normal sides of baked potatoe and a salad .yummy. your steaks are the best ! so moist and worth the money !

  99. Don Bielawski says:

    I Keep on Trying, Would Make a Great Birthday Gift For Me.

  100. Deborah Zerby says:

    best ever

  101. Lori Deraimo says:

    I would love to win a gift card to buy Omaha Ribeye steaks.

  102. lana garmon says:

    HOPE WIN!!

  103. Nancy Schnippel says:

    I only eat Omaha Steaks, tender & juicy, and never a tough one. Would love to win.

  104. Joe Koslowski says:

    Everyday is a good day with Omaha Steak and its products. Yum Yum give me some

  105. Karen Weinmann says:


  106. Tandy B says:

    Thumbs up for Omaha Steaks and Co. for putting together great shipments of meat!

  107. Deborah Zerby says:

    best meat around

  108. Kathy Somerville says:

    Filet Mignon…yes!!!

  109. Lori Deraimo says:

    Love your Rib eyes.

  110. Don Bielawski says:

    Come On Omaha Steaks My Birthday is Closing Fast at The End of The Month, I would Love to Eat a Omaha Steak on My Birthday.

  111. EVELYN says:


  112. Susan S., TN says:

    Love to win to get some tasty steaks for the hubby!!!

  113. myrtle says:

    Our children to whom we sent pkgs from Omaha say they are the best of the best, so we keep ordering for them.

  114. Kari Judd! says:

    Great Gift!

  115. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Filet – Filet – Filet!!!

  116. Diana says:

    We love you’re top sirlon steaks and cheesecake

  117. Lori Deraimo says:

    Hoping to win today.

  118. Don Bielawski says:

    Hello Omaha, My Birthday is This Sunday and A Gift Card would Be The Best Present Ever.

  119. Robin meeks says:

    Would love to win this for my 50th bday

  120. Kathy Somerville says:

    Bring on the steaks…. yummy

  121. Bernadette Vidal says:

    Ribeye all the way.

  122. Hey Omaha thanks for always giving me the chance to win a GREAT PRIZE!!!!

  123. Michele Bryant says:

    Bacon-wrapped filet mignon and au-gratin potato puffs! Also love the gourmet burgers and chicken cordon bleu!

  124. Jaime R says:

    Thanks for the chance to WIN!
    I haven’t ever had Omaha Steaks before, to my knowledge, so I chose which cut I WOULD PURCHASE not which i have had, thanks again!

  125. Robin meeks says:

    Would love to try these OMG!!!

  126. Thanks for the chance to win Omaha Steaks and I have a Birthday coming up shortly in a few days and this would be REALLY GREAT to be ablee to win these for myself and My Family, and as always thanks for the chance to WIN A GREAT PRIZE, and I have a feeling that my turn’s coming very soon!!

  127. Susan S., TN says:

    Fingers crossed!!! Would luv to surprise my husband with some GREAT Steaks…

  128. Karen Weinmann says:

    Yummy 🙂

  129. Brenda says:

    I would love to win this, my husbands birthday is today and it would make an awsome gift 🙂 Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July!

  130. AZSHAKTI says:

    Love your steaks

  131. susan jette says:

    hoping i can win 1 thanks for the chance

  132. Wanda Fitzpatrick says:

    I love your sirloins the best

  133. Julie Barton says:

    So hungry for some steak!! Pick me please!

  134. Eddie says:

    Nothing says 4th of July at the Jersey shore than Omaha products on the grill…….13 years and counting!

  135. Don Bielawski says:

    Hey, I Missed Winning on My Birthday, Hope I Win Today.

  136. Rachel Buntyn says:

    I hope I win to make the family some steaks, thanks for the chance to win.

  137. Jackie Diprimo says:

    Filet Mignon PLEASE!

  138. Jeanne Bobo says:

    My family loves Omaha Steaks. Just received a large order today. Even gave Omaha steaks to my son for Christmas. He is getting large order Saturday.

  139. julie Barton says:

    So hungry for a good steak…Walmart steaks just don’t taste the same…pick me!!

  140. Cookie Montgomery says:

    I would like to win and it isn’t my birthday.

  141. Lori Deraimo says:

    Ribeye Steaks are the best.

  142. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Filet – so yummmmyyyyyy!!!

  143. Thanks Omaha Steaks for the chance to win and I JUST LOVE WINNING PRIZES!!

  144. Jen Casey says:

    I bought the steaks for the first time last month. I will never go back to a grocery store again to buy meat. I am in love

  145. David says:

    The best steaks in the world.

  146. Gail says:

    thanks for the giveaway! Hopefully I win so I can buy me some of your yummy food

  147. Don Bielawski says:

    Ok, Here we Go again.

  148. Mark Angelo Gramaglia says:

    winner, winner, steak dinner!

  149. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Love Omaha Meats and tators too!

  150. Well as always Omaha Steaks thanks for the chance to win some of your DELICIOUS STEAKS, and I can’t wait to be able to try them and thanks !!!!

  151. Susan S., TN says:

    Fingers crossed again this week!!!

  152. Lisa Bridges says:

    Would love to restock our freezer since we lost all our food after the Moore OK. May 20 tornado hit our house. I know this gift card won’t do it but it would be a great start.

  153. Thomas P Simpson says:

    Have had the opportunity to try your steak burgers and they are great.

  154. tom says:


  155. James Scott says:

    Send the gifts please

  156. Debbie Williams says:

    Love the ribeyes!!

  157. Deena M says:

    Would love to get my hands on some OS filet mignon, but our favorite here is the Chicken Cordon Blue!

  158. Chad Erickson says:

    Where’s the BEEF?

  159. julie barton says:

    Would like some steak to eat!! YUM!

  160. Janet Hvizdos says:

    The flat iron steaks are quite tasty!

  161. M Chamney says:

    All of them

  162. Don Bielawski says:

    Better Try Using The Bat Ropes.

  163. MargaretAnn Rice says:

    I can taste your steaks now, yummy. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  164. Thank-You so very much Omaha Steaks, and i would really LOVE to be able to win the Gift card as we would want to Grill out and be able to try your Products/ Steaks as I am very excited about being able to be YOUR NEXT LUCKY WINNER!!

  165. Thank-You so very much Omaha Steaks for the chance to win and I hope that I can win as we were wanting the chance to do some Grilling Outdoors on the Patio!!

  166. Faith Jones says:

    I would love to win the gift card so I can restock my freezer with filet mignon! Thanks Omaha Steaks for the opportunity to win!

  167. Rosemary Delaney says:

    Never have had a disappointing product from Omaha Steaks. Would be great to win a gift certificate. Keeping my fingers crossed & waiting.

  168. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Love Omaha Steaks and Tators!!!!

  169. Send my reward card to 10505 n. 10th. st. #29 Mcallen Tx. 78504. got a box of steaks from some joe driving around in a truck with an ice box on back , man oh man, best steaks ever. Hope to try them again. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BBQ King of the RGV.

  170. SteakBytes says:

    Hi Enrique! Please enter the contest via the template above for your chance to win one of the reward cards! Also, Omaha Steaks does not sell steaks out of a truck or door to door – only in retail stores or Online. Please see this article:

  171. Wanda Fitzpatrick says:

    I love the sirloin steaks and they are probably the steaks we eat the most at our house.

  172. kathy nastro says:

    My 5 year old granddaughter loves steak and I would like her to experience the BEST!

  173. kathy nastro says:

    My granddaughter would love your steaks so much!

  174. kathy nastro says:

    Which people are the winners, please?

  175. SteakBytes says:

    Hi, Kathy, the winners this week were Cristel Green, Candace Moore and Judy Suehr-Spellman. Be sure to come back and enter again next Wednesday!

  176. Lori says:

    Would love to win. Am on limited income.

  177. Anita Correll says:

    Love your steaks!!!!! Cant get enough!!

  178. says:

    Actually, I love anything from Omaha Steaks!!!!

  179. JoAnn Marie says:


  180. sheri anderson says:

    I haven’t tried your steaks yet but would love too! Filet Mignon is my favorite, thanks!

  181. Thanks Omaha Steaks for giving me the chance to win and I hope that I can be YOUR NEXT BIG LUCKY WINNER!!

  182. doug lake says:


  183. John Koch says:


  184. The best steaks in the United States. Bar none!!

  185. patty K. says:

    Omaha Steaks are right down the street from me. Yum, yum, I like the steak rub for grilling.

  186. Anna Garrett says:


  187. JoAnn Marie says:

    Yeahhhh….Love their Wednesday’s!

  188. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Omaha Nom, Nom, Nom…….

  189. Shakeilah says:

    Your steaks are the best!

  190. Nikita Nik says:

    Would love to win it.

  191. Lori says:

    Would love to win the steaks.

  192. Brenda Rodocker says:

    Just once I would like to win something from Omaha Steaks…LOL

  193. kayla says:

    Love ordering from you. I was actually looking to place and order soon this would let me order even more stuff!

  194. Ruth Smither says:

    Hope I’m not too late to get in on the free steaks! Love Omaha steaks!

  195. Janet Hvizdos says:

    flat iron steaks are great on the grill!

  196. Krista says:

    love your steaks, the best I ever had!

  197. Annie Thissell-Riley says:

    I have never been disappointed by anything I have ever received from you. This is the only Company I order from!

  198. Deborah Zerby says:

    My husband can’t live with your steaks

  199. Shirley Lee says:

    I love Omaha Steaks.

  200. Linda wise says:

    Love these steaks they are so tender

  201. Lori says:

    Ribeye are my favorite.

  202. Don Bielawski says:

    Here Goes Another Failed Shot at Winning.

  203. Randy says:

    Love Omaha Steaks!

  204. Kathy Somerville says:

    Love your steaks and other products. It would be great to win a certificate.

  205. Sonya Brown says:

    I hope I win this time. Love Omaha Steaks!

  206. Carol Brooks says:

    Best meat ever!

  207. Never had a bad steak from Omaha Steaks!

  208. Barbara Kesterson says:

    Mmmmm Steak!

  209. Jesse M. Del Valle says:

    love steak!!!

  210. Kathy Somerville says:

    Time to win some ribeye… Yum.

  211. Lori Olson says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Omaha Steaks! Living out on the East Coast, we miss our Omaha Steaks, and it’s a real treat when we get them! I’d love to win!!!

  212. bonnie says:

    filet’s are great but so are the hot dogs!!!!!

  213. Candy kratzer says:

    Love, Love, Love some steak!

  214. Karen Weinmann says:


  215. Hello Omaha Steaks I would really LOVE to be your NEXT LUCKY WINNER as I have never tried your Products before and we would really LOVE to try them out and have a Cook Out just as soon as possible because we’ve only heard good things about you and your products and thanks for the chance to win!!

  216. sheri anderson says:

    Would be awesome to win!

  217. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Steak – give me steakkkkkkkkk……. Nommmm Nommmmmm

  218. Deborah Zerby says:

    The only steaks I buy.

  219. Candy kratzer says:

    With the price of beef, this is a great contest!

  220. Cynthia Stacey says:

    me need steak….

  221. Well as always Omaha Steaks thanks for the chance to win and hopefully I can be your next BIG LUCKY WINNER!!

  222. Ruth Stump says:

    Love the Top Sirloin! Discovered that the Top Sirloin is better for my diet than the Filet mignon! Although I love that too! YUM! And the best part is an Omaha store opened up within a mile of my house!!! Even better! Should be able to save on shipping charges!

  223. Maria Leavitt says:

    Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon is our favorite!

  224. Lori says:

    I’ve never won on here and I just got laid off on Monday. Could really use a gift certificate. Omaha Steaks are the best.

  225. Candy kratzer says:

    Steak, what is that? Way too expensive for our budget.
    Would love to win me some.

  226. Martha Landeros says:

    I am seriously going through Omaha Steaks “withdrawal”. NEED your Filet Mignon (the best ever)!!!

  227. Lori Deraimo says:

    I’ve never won on here. Got laid off last week. Would love to win a gift certificate.

  228. Don Bielawski says:

    OK, Lets Roll The Dice Again…..

  229. Sparkle says:

    Thanks for a chance to win, really enjoy all of your steaks.

  230. Tammy Taylor says:

    thank you for the chance

  231. Karen says:

    I would like to win, please.

  232. thomas says:

    god, i’m hungry..

  233. Candy kratzer says:

    Best steak ever!

  234. Don Bielawski says:

    Here We Go Again.

  235. Lori Deraimo says:

    Ribeye is my favorite. Would love to win one of your gift certificates.

  236. Cindy Cain Downs says:

    I would love to win a gift card for Omaha Steaks…we just moved from IA to OK and need to fill the freezer again!! I never win anything but I sure do try…thanks for the entries

  237. angela vaught montgomery says:

    All your steaks are great! Filet is my favorite. Would love to be eating one today for my birthday……

  238. Sheri says:

    Your company totally Rocks!

  239. Lori DeRaimo says:

    Would love to win a gift card from Omaha Steaks to buy some Ribeyes… favorite.

  240. jody-ann says:

    My family loves your steaks!

  241. Karen Weinmann says:

    Love you steaks.

  242. It’s Winsday Wednesday. Would love to win. Thanks!!!!

  243. ellen says:

    Haven’t had a really good steak in a while, sure hope i WIN.

  244. Rose says:

    Hope I win.

  245. Karen Weinmann says:

    I’d love to win 🙂

  246. Krista says:

    I love Omaha Steaks!!!!

  247. aaron reck says:

    top sirloin

  248. Love your products. Thank you, now I want a nice rare steak.

  249. Lori Deraimo says:

    Would love to win. I love Omaha Steaks.

  250. Antoinette Spoon says:

    i have never tried omahasteaks, thank you for the opportunity

  251. Wendy Atkin says:

    I really hope to win!!

  252. Sharon says:

    have ordered and sent as gifts but not had myself–would love to try some for my mother and myself–thanks

  253. Helen Poteet says:

    I love steak any kind is okay with me.

  254. Sonya says:

    Really want some Omaha Steaks!!

  255. MAXINE BOHN says:


  256. Wendy Atkin says:

    Tbone, Porterhouse

  257. Lori Olson says:

    LOVE YOUR STEAKS! I’d LOVE to win! Thanks!!

  258. Melinda says:

    Love that you do a Wednesday Giveaway. It gives people a chance to try some great meats. Love the Porterhouse.

  259. Judy Tilley says:

    We love new york strip and ribeyes!

  260. Karen Weinmann says:

    Love Bacon Wrapped Filets 🙂

  261. chuck derr says:

    ty for chance

  262. angela vaught montgomery says:

    I love all your products!!!

  263. Deborah Zerby says:

    Love all your steaks…. but the best is the filet

  264. My favorite is the Filet, but I do love the other cuts of meats too!!!!

    Thanks for the chance to enter.

  265. love your steaks. my wife is a figure competitor and i am a physique competitor on our way to the 2014 team universe. your meats and chicken are a HUGE part of our diets. we set up an account with Omaha steaks bc of the convenience and the prices, it makes our meal preps sooo much easier and taste so much better.

  266. YUM Win day Wednesday!!!!!

  267. Teresa DeBolt says:

    Ha, I just placed an order for marinated flank steaks, teriyaki pork roast and tenderloin tips. Love your stuff.

  268. Karen Weinmann says:

    Who isn’t hungry for a steak?

  269. Lori Deraimo says:

    Love to win. Love Omaha Steaks.

  270. Wendy Atkin says:

    Ribeye, Tbone ( really that is kind of like picking a favorite child)

  271. Don Bielawski says:

    Never Had One Yet.

  272. Iris says:

    Love your steaks ans beef franks.

  273. Valerie_TX says:

    Omaha Steaks Triple Trimmed Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail … it’s what’s for DINNER tonight!!! Happy Dance!

  274. Melinda says:

    Love any kind of steak.

  275. Karen Weinmann says:

    Omaha Steaks are the best.

  276. Wendy Atkin says:

    All of your steaks, but I would have to say ribeyes are my fav.

  277. karen ali-frost says:

    I love ya’lls T Bone steaks,really I love everything ya’ll make.!!

  278. Lori Deraimo says:

    Love Ribeyes and Filet Mignon.

  279. karen ali-frost says:

    I am so ready for some of ya’lls steaks.Oh I wanna win so bad..(fingers crossed).

  280. Barbara Butler says:

    just love a good steak

  281. I am really hoping that I can be YOUR NEXT LUCKY WINNER as I have been trying for awhile and thanks for the chance to win Omaha Steaks!!

  282. sheila k says:

    partial to ribeye steaks, but Omaha’s sirloin is good, too.

  283. margaret mansell says:

    🙁 I don’t tweet or pinterest .. will that disqualify me?

  284. SteakBytes says:

    Nope! You’ll still be entered. Good luck!

  285. Lori Olson says:

    You keep asking me what my favorite steak is, but I never win! 🙁

  286. Lori Deraimo says:

    Would love to win!

  287. Linda says:

    Would love to win

  288. Lisa V says:

    I’d love to win and try all because it would be great to have delicious steaks delivered as I’m recovering from a NYC marathon injury and can’t leave my apt.

  289. hope i can win i dont win anything love you food

  290. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Love Omaha Steaks!!!

  291. Lori Deraimo says:

    Would love to win your contest. Love Omaha Steaks.

  292. Tara Liebing says:

    I love your steaks (filet mignon), thanks for the giveaway!

  293. jeffrey smith says:

    My wife and I do not buy meat, chicken or fish from and place except Omaha Steaks. We have a freezer full.

  294. elizabeth says:

    best steaks

  295. nancy fiorenza says:

    thank you for the chance

  296. Jennifer Hanson says:

    <3, <3, <3 a great steak & Omaha Steaks are the best!!!

  297. Krista says:

    Love Omaha Steaks! Best steaks around 🙂

  298. Kimberly Guenther says:

    I lOVE your QVC criew !!! and specials !!!

  299. Diane baum says:

    thank you for the timely contest -wow,a gift card to #Omaha perfect for holiday dinners

  300. Would be nice to win a gift card. Still plenty of time to cookout. We BBQ all year. Even when it snows!!!!

  301. Beverly Helsel says:

    Love Omaha Steaks, I send them to family as gifts. Would love to be able to treat myself!!!

  302. Louise Hinton says:

    Thanks for the oppurtunity to win ! Love Steak ! A little embarrassing but just got dentures
    and so looking forward to eating my first steak in a long time!

  303. Will be ready for a great steak after tomorrow. Would love win my favorite steaks from Omaha Steaks!!!! To heck with the turkey. I will take steak any day. YUM

  304. carole burnett says:

    Just love your gift specials..

  305. Lori Deraimo says:

    Would love to win Omaha gift card.

  306. Brenda Rodocker says:

    I never win 🙁

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  308. Susan Vanhoose says:

    Love Filet Mignon

  309. Thanks for the chance! Wish I was eating a steak!

  310. Calshondra Williams says:

    Entered! I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity and chance to win.

  311. Lori Olson says:

    I LOVE Omaha Steaks Ribeye!!! YUM!!!! ?

  312. I enter every week. Hope this week is my lucky week. Love Omaha Steaks. Thanks for the great giveaways. It’s time for some yummy steaks!!!

  313. Lynn White says:

    I just had your steak last night for dinner, yummy

  314. Karen says:

    Pick Me, Please.

  315. Dan Hanlon says:

    We really like the ribeye

  316. Calshondra Williams says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and opportunity to win.

  317. Lori Olson says:

    Has anyone won these? I’ve entered every week, but haven’t won yet. 🙁

  318. Thanks for the chance to win my hubby a gift

  319. Lori Deraimo says:

    Would appreciate winning Omaha Steaks gift card.

  320. Tracy Heyer says:

    Love the ribeye!!!!

  321. annye says:

    thanks for sharing the love and your delicious steaks

  322. Lori Deraimo says:

    Love Omaha Steaks. Would love to win.

  323. Love them all. But filet is my favorite.

  324. Melinda says:

    Love it. Wish I could win

  325. Neal Allen says:

    Protein is good for the muscles and we cant function with out it THANKS OMAHA STEAKS FOR HAVING A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

  326. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Would so love my family some steaks…… NOMMMMMM….. NOMMMMM…. NOMMMM…

  327. Those steaks look so good!!! Could eat one right now. Need some extra protein to make it thru the next shift at work.

  328. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Love Omaha – steak, tators – all!!! UMMMM!!!!!!!!

  329. Tammy Taylor says:

    Yay! Ty for the chance

  330. Tandy B says:

    crossing fingers!

  331. Trina German says:

    Steaks would be yummy!

  332. Fran Viera says:

    Omaha Steaks cannot be beat. Filet Mignon all the way!

  333. Lori Deraimo says:

    I haven’t bought steak in over two years. Would be nice to win Omaha Steaks.

  334. New Year, New chance to win a gift card. Love Omaha!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  335. Damisi Matlock says:

    Love those 1381 stuffed/loaded potatoes.

  336. i would love me some steak. never had em but would love to taste!

  337. Julia Goldberg says:

    Any steak from Omaha is a good steak!

  338. Lori Deraimo says:

    Would love to win Omaha Steaks.

  339. Lori Olson says:

    Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win!!!! 🙂

  340. lm h says:

    yes please.. it would start my new year out right

  341. Ok, Who’s ready for some steaks on the grill!!!! Win day Wednesday. Heck with this cold weather, let’s fire up the grill. Good Luck everybody.

  342. I love your tender steaks!!

  343. Yvonne Rorie says:

    FILET MIGNON! for me.

  344. Lisa Carr says:

    Bacon-wrapped Filets

  345. Jeri Lynne Lowry says:

    Now THIS would be a great treat!! Thank you for the opportunity 😉

  346. Mary Gardner says:

    I love the ribeyes!

  347. Lori Deraimo says:

    Would appreciate if I won. Love Omaha Steaks.

  348. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Love Omaha Steaks

  349. Aaron says:

    Prime Rib Menu (complete meal)

  350. Lara Covington says:

    Me, Please!?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  351. Lara Covington says:

    Me, Please!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  352. stephanie gaines says:

    Yes, please! 🙂 <3

  353. Kathryn Mackey says:

    Love to win this

  354. charlene davis says:

    Just prepared the last of my chicken breast. Very delicious. I need to order more.


  355. Lori Deraimo says:

    Would love to win. My favorite steak is ribeye.

  356. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Steak – Steak – Steak – Love em all!!!

  357. Michelle Washburn says:

    If its a steak, I love it.

  358. Lori Deraimo says:

    Would love to win an Omaha Steaks gift card.

  359. Marcia Cruz says:

    Omaha steaks are great!

  360. omg this is great … havent had a great steak in a long time…. thanks for the chance to win

  361. Aaron Rubin says:

    I first tried Omaha Steaks when I won some in the Mo. Lottery. They are great.

  362. Mary Gardner says:

    I love ribeyes!

  363. Lori Deraimo says:

    Would love to win.

  364. Lori Deraimo says:

    Love your steaks.

  365. Christine Womack says:

    I love the filets.

  366. Hellen says:

    Amazing meat!

  367. Tina says:

    Omaha steaks are the best.

  368. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says:

    My family has been enjoying Omaha Steaks for years!!! They are so Delicious! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  369. jeannie Do says:

    I give Omaha steaks value bundles to my kids an sister every year for the past 5 years 🙂 they love them and its a great value

  370. NAIDA PIERCE says:


  371. liz says:

    Bring on the Filet PLEASE!! there is nothing else like it! Omaha steaks Filet #rocks

  372. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Hoping – I need to order….

  373. kristen m eby says:

    love filet mignons

  374. Calshondra Williams says:

    Fingers crossed I would love to win this awesome prize. Thanks for the chance to win.

  375. i have gotten to chance to try some of the bugers at a friends house really would love to get some!

  376. Kim C says:

    YUM! I love giveaways. <3

  377. Theresa Wilson says:

    Some Omaha Steak Gear or a charcoal grill or big green egg or something along those lines would be cool.

  378. Wendy says:

    We don’t eat meat very often, but I will NEVER buy supermarket meat again for my family. From now on, when we eat meat, it’s from Omaha Steaks!

  379. Debra Ann Lee says:

    I was sent 4 Filet Mignons for my birthday. OMG they were so delicious. Can’t wait to buy more, among trying other items!

  380. I would love to win the rewards cards, I am always on the hunt for a nice cut steak, nothing beats a T Bone on the grill and cooked to med rare

  381. Cynthia Stacey says:

    I need to order now – send me a gift card to cut some cost please!!!!

  382. Teri Melton says:

    I would love to see smaller prizes with more winners, as our individual chances of winning are quite small. I love sampler packs personally.

  383. Stacey J. says:

    Bacon wrapped filet mignon.

  384. Kathy G says:

    We love Omaha Steaks. This would come in handy as I restock the freezer.

  385. sadia shaikh says:

    love your steak hope to win 🙂

  386. Taylor Closet says:


  387. Lesa Moats says:

    baked potatoes

  388. Christopher Sorel says:

    more steak and baked potato

  389. Alisson H. says:

    I can’t have my steak without also having a baked potato.

  390. Dameon Schirer says:

    I need mashed potatoes with my steak.

  391. Michelle Coles says:

    I can’t have steak without also having potatoes!

  392. Sandy N says:

    potatoes! Either smashed, mashed, baked, fried or as a salad!

  393. Angela Braden says:

    Cheesy steak fries

  394. Leslie says:

    garlic smashed potatoes with it!

  395. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Love My Omaha!!! Ummmmm!!!!

  396. Alicia says:

    I cannot have my steak without also having potatoes ! 😀

  397. amy deeter says:

    without A1 sauce

  398. Eugenie says:

    mushrooms and onions

  399. Kari Judd says:

    A beer would be nice!

  400. Lisa G says:

    I can’t have my steak without also having bread with it 🙂

  401. Maria Skoytellis says:

    Bacon!!!!!! Love to wrap around my steak!!!!!

  402. Elaine says:

    Love my steak with potatoes and veggies.

  403. Craig B. says:

    I can’t have my steak without having a tall, frosty adult beverage with it.

  404. Jake B says:

    I can’t have my steak without also having baked potato! Thanks for the chance to win

  405. Kirsten says:

    I can’t have my steak without also having a baked potato.

  406. Teri Melton says:

    I can’t have my steak without also having a starch, preferably potato. It balances it out.

  407. Sheryl Edwards says:

    a baked potato.

  408. Jodi Boulier says:

    I can’t have my steak with out my Baked Potato!
    We love your steaks and will have them shipped to our new home soon, as we will have nothing there after a cross crounty move!

  409. Janice Dean says:

    I can’t have my steak with A-1 Steak Sauce! Thanks and good luck!

  410. Cathy Bradford says:

    Baked potatoe

  411. CarolynH says:

    A loaded baked potato.

  412. Cheryl Cox says:

    I love everything from Omaha Steaks and would love to win something. Anything would be a blessing.

  413. Lia Becas Jacobsen says:

    A stuffed baked potato from Omaha! 🙂

  414. Vicky Watkins says:

    A1 and mayonnaise

  415. Jeanie Hicken says:

    The gift card.

  416. lee says:

    I could sure use that! do all the cooking on holidays! HELP!

  417. Janet Jordan says:

    I love Omaha Steaks, There are awesome and convenient. Its like have your own personal cow. lol
    Thank you for hosting this generous giveaway… I so want this for my husband who always cooks the meat and leaves it raw !!!

  418. Jane says:

    All of them.

  419. Debbie Moon says:

    Thanks for the chance. Love steaks with loaded potatoes on the side.

  420. Lynda Bennett says:

    Thanks for this, now my mouth is watering… LOVEEE your food!!! 🙂

  421. Aria H. says:

    Precook your ribs in marinade all day at low temp, then throw them on the grill to finish cooking and give them a delicious grilled taste. They will be melt in your mouth.

  422. Vicky Watkins says:

    Spray the grill grate with cooking spray food will slide right off.

  423. Kelly says:

    Hubby only eats red meat….all and every…….haven’t had yours so getting some samples could really guarantee a loyal customer for life….!!!! I on the other hand would love to get that ham so I can actually sit down w/ the family this easter especially since the first one since my mother passed!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  424. susie king says:

    We are having ham for steaks for Easter.

  425. DELICIOUS!!!!!!

  426. Billie Fetz says:


  427. in easter dinner we are gonna eat fish and rice with salad tomatoe and lettuce and the fish is delicious in my family in easter we tried not to eat meat , and we can get chocolate pudding dessert

  428. i hope i win thanks for the chance to participate in this giveaway

  429. Becky VanGinkel says:

    Our family will be having Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, green bean casserole, corn, and biscuits 🙂 I can’t wait!!!!!!

  430. Would love to win!! I love Omaha Steaks!! Thank-you for the chance to make my husbands Fathers Day AMAZING!!

  431. clarice says:

    would love to win this and be queen for the day, thanks a lot

  432. Joni Mason says:

    Thanks SO much for the chance to win!

  433. Virginia Rogers says:

    Great giveaway, thank you for the chance!! Omaha Steaks are the best!!! 🙂

  434. Teri Melton says:

    Mise en place. Means everything in its place. Do all your prep work ahead of time and let your meat warm to room temperature.

  435. sheila k says:

    I love Omaha steaks, and the stuff potatoes. Can’t decide which steak I prefer. Here in San Marcos, Ca, I hear sizzling — but it isn’t steaks. The hills around me are afire.

  436. Becky VanGinkel says:

    Chop fresh veggies, add olive oil and seasoning, then sit them on the grill before your meat… quick and easy way for a freshly grilled Veggie Medley!

  437. Mary Zimmerman says:

    What a awesome giveaway. I hope to win this one.


  439. Denise Pate says:

    This would help me with my grocery bills for the month since im low income & out of FS for the month but I STILL like the meats and I order every chance I get ~ EM EM Good ~ Thank-You ~ Denise Pate

  440. Tracy McNabb says:

    I have been ordering regularly for the past 9 months and have loved everything we have received… Last night we tried the T-Bones for the first time and they were outstanding… This gift card would allow us to try them again without breaking the bank… Thanks for these gift card contests…

  441. Bill says:

    Would love a gift card. I m so happy to be grilling this summer. Grilled potatoes and veggies in a foil packet with a nice medium rare filet – YUM!

  442. Teri Melton says:

    I had some of your hamburgers last night. They taste so much better than meat from the grocery store. Going to try your franks tonight.

  443. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says:

    My favorite grilling tip is you can never use to much grilling spice or too much garlic on your steaks.

  444. Brenda C. WilsonWong says:

    I ? Steaks! Filet Mignon, Rib Eye with a loaded potatoe or just potatoe salad & veggies. Ty =)

  445. Brenda C. WilsonWong says:

    I Love Steaks! Thank you

  446. Melissa Stone says:

    Do it with a drink in one hand and a grilling utensil in the other 😛

  447. Randi C. says:

    Love your steaks, esp. petit filet mignons!

  448. grace says:


  449. Jean Boyle says:

    Would love to win so I can try your product.

  450. Marinate the meat!!!

  451. Gina Taylor says:

    When foiling the meat at just a bit of water to keep in the juiciness.

  452. Jaime R says:

    Have my husband grill [for ya]! haha He grills perfectly every time, he has mastered it, for sure! Thanks for the chance to win!

  453. sheila k says:

    I really love the stuffed potatoes, and the sirloin steak sliced thinly and marinated in bulgogi sauce.

  454. Jill Carroll says:

    Have you tried the pork and bacon burgers?

  455. Have never been able to try your line of things. would be nice to try and win something of your line. Could you send me your catalog to have for reference.
    From all the request to win your offer it is rated so high, and number one of all any meat available any where else. What a nice chance to try . Thank you for your offer

  456. Laura Farrell says:

    Love your steaks!!!!

  457. Carol B says:

    My best grilling tip: Buy the meat you intend to grill from Omaha Steaks!!

  458. Kirsten says:

    Tenderize and marinate.

  459. Kaila Pedersen (@Likeomgitskaila) says:

    Tenderize and let salt sit on meat before cooking!

  460. Danielle says:

    This would be such a blessing. Would totally get us through a hard time.


  462. Jill Mckelvey says:

    Would love to try your steaks looks so good

  463. Nancy Evanson says:

    LOVE LOVE their steaks

  464. Kendra McBride says:

    Hope to win

  465. richard klegin says:

    how do you enter????

  466. SteakBytes says:

    Hi, Richard! Towards the top of the page is a gray vertical box that says “Two winners will receive 500 steaklover rewards points” – just below that are some entry buttons with a + sign and then a number (ex. +5) Just click those buttons, sign into your social channels and enter! Thanks.

  467. Jennifer Ha says:

    I hope i can win!! it would be great thanks for the giveaway!!

  468. cathy johnson says:


  469. Tracy Heyer says:

    Love Ribeye’s

  470. Mary Noyes says:

    Love your steaks!

  471. Donna Pitts says:

    We love Omaha Steaks!!!

  472. Let the meat rest before serving it

  473. joan tazisalady says:

    Love your steaks, great giveaway. ty for the chance.

  474. cathy says:

    We love serving the burgers at our cookouts!

  475. Love the contest / giveaway. I love Omaha Steaks , but unfortunately life has made a drastic change in direction . Hopefully next year I can order again.

  476. Janet says:

    Omaha Steaks are so tasty!

  477. Jenn Smith-Stockdale says:

    What a treat this would be!!

  478. Sherri Burgan says:

    I have never gotten to try Omaha Steaks but have wanted to for a long time!

  479. Kasie says:

    Literally, the BEST steaks we’ve ever had!

  480. Tracy Mickle McNabb says:

    I love OS have been ordering from you guys monthly for a long time now and love everything I have received…

  481. Karen Smith says:

    Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon… Thanks for the chance..

  482. My favorite memory are the filet mignons I purchased from you!!! AMAZING!!

  483. Erica says:

    Love this – thanks for the chance!

  484. Bill Persinger says:

    Filets are awesome

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