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How to line your baking sheets

Today we’re going to talk about lining baking sheets. While lining baking sheets may not seem like the sexiest topic to talk about, it’s definitely one of my all-time favorite kitchen tips and ‘how-tos’ that I like to share.

Lining your baking sheets will save you time with clean up, and is super easy to do.

1. You simply roll out aluminum foil to the length of your baking sheet. I like to use heavy duty aluminum foil.

2. Roll out two pieces of aluminum foil if your baking sheet is wider than your aluminum foil, and make sure to place them over each other so that there are no gaps between the pieces of aluminum foil.

3. Press the aluminum foil into the corners of the baking sheet, and then fold over the remaining foil around the edges.

Then you’re ready to bake items on your lined baking sheet, and when you’re done simply remove the aluminum foil and throw it out.


Need something delicious to cook on it? How about an Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon?





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