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What is a Rib Crown?

Here at Omaha Steaks, we’ve taken the traditional ribeye steak and trimmed it down to the most prized part of the ribeye where there’s exceptional marbling, flavor and tenderness. This new cut is called the Private Reserve Rib Crown Steak and it’s bursting with rich, juicy flavor. We cut a generous 7 oz. portion of steak which makes this steak filling for 1 person or a perfect portion for 2 people.

Rib Crown - 500

Private Reserve Rib Crown

Think of the Rib Crown as a Ribeye steak without all the calories. Not only do you get the rich flavor of marbling from a traditional ribeye steak, but now you don’t have to worry about cutting around all that fat and racking up cholesterol and fat levels.

Also known as the “Rib Cap,” this coveted steak is carved from the rib primal, is leaner than a traditional ribeye and boasts a more concentrated flavor.

In my opinion, this steak is best pre-seasoned with Omaha Steaks All Natural Steak Seasoning and pan fried in a cast iron skillet on high heat for 4-7 minutes. The Rib Crown is also great for grilling because of its relative uniformity, which allows it to cook more evenly. Flare-ups are also less common with this steak because of the lower fat content.

I personally think this steak is best eaten just shy of medium, at around 135°F, so be sure to slightly undercook your steak due to carry-over cooking while resting. This is important, always remember to let your steak rest after you cook it so that the juices can redistribute throughout the steak.

To finish, place a dollop of Omaha Steaks Seasoned Butter, Napa Cabernet Glaze or Tuscan Balsamic Glaze on the steak as it’s resting. The meat will absorb the flavor of the butter or glazes while resting.  If you really want the steak to stay warm while resting, tent it with foil to keep the heat in, and give it 5-10 minutes to reabsorb the juices and relax before slicing it against the grain and serving.

For more information on the Rib Crown, see Executive Chef Karl Marsh’s blog post on “Getting to Know the Rib Crown.”

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