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Love is Bacon Contest *CLOSED*

Love is bacon, love is kind. Love is thick-sliced, juicy and great on a BLT. Omaha Steaks has just released our all-new Steak-Cut Bacon, the thickest, tastiest bacon you’ve ever seen, and we’re kind of in love with it.

Tell us about YOUR love in terms we can understand and you’ll be entered to win a Three Bacon Sampler! Contest details below.

Applewood Smoked Steak-Cut Bacon

Your love is timeless, a classic updated for the modern world. Like Applewood Smoked Steak-Cut Bacon, you and your Valentine go well with just about anything but that doesn’t make you “just another bacon strip couple.” The rich, savory, balanced flavor of smoked and cured bacon represents the way that you’re compatible across the board. The huge 2 oz.-per-strip thickness represents the way that you go the extra mile for each other.

Omaha Steaks Applewood Smoked Steak-Cut Bacon


Peppered Country Steak-Cut Bacon

Your love is a little spicy around the edges. Like Peppered Country Steak-Cut Bacon, it has everything you expect – support, respect, and slow-cured flavor – and a little extra zest on the side. The cracked black pepper in your relationship might be a crazy hobby that you do together, a memory only the two of you know about, or the way you think it’s OK to fight and make up with equal flair.

Omaha Steaks Peppered Country Steak-Cut Bacon


Cajun-Style Steak-Cut Bacon

Your love intrigues people. They want it, but they’ll never quite figure it out. Like the beguiling Cajun-Style Steak-Cut Bacon from Omaha Steaks, only you and your Valentine really “get” how your unique blend of spices works. You’re actually a great addition to new and classic dishes – but there’s never really been a bacon/couple quite like you.

Omaha Steaks Cajun-Style Steak-Cut Bacon


Vote below and Omaha Steaks  will pick a lucky guy/gal to receive our Three Bacon Sampler. Contest runs from 9:00 a.m. CT Monday 2.9.15 to 9:00 a.m. CT Tuesday 2.10.15.  Vote now! For love! For bacon!

Which bacon describes your love?

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26 Responses to Love is Bacon Contest *CLOSED*

  1. Cathy Adams says:

    My baby is Peppered Country Steak bacon! Spicy around the edges, and all you expect from bacon in the middle <3

  2. P. Alcantara says:

    Love the Applewood Bacon

  3. Kendra McBride says:

    Cajun style steak cut bacon is us all the way.No one can figure us out we are opposites but we still sizzle .

  4. Cathe G. says:

    I would say the Applewood Smoked Steak-Cut Bacon is my favorite…although the Cajun-Style Steak-Cut Bacon sounds interesting.

  5. Dorothea says:

    my honey is both sweet and savory! Applewood bacon says luscious love!

  6. Never expected to find this kind of relationship in my early 70’s (he’s in his early 80’s)! We are truly “a classic updated for the modern world”!

  7. Bill B. says:

    Peppered Country is the only way to treat your valentine on this special savory occasion. Slightly spicy and full of lust, it will satisfy our taste buds like nothing other. B.L.T. is best described as: Beautiful Bacon….Luscious Lettuce and Tempting Tomatoes. Peppered Country Steak-Cut Bacon…..almost worth leaving your valentine at home.

  8. Bill says:

    Cajun !!!!

  9. Jean Dahl says:

    Our love is a like an Applewood-Pepper-Cajun Style Steak-Cut Bacon. It is rich and savory, filled with respect and support for all the spicy and unique ways we are compatible. We are soulmates!

  10. Sherry says:

    I believe Peppered Country Steak bacon represents our love the best 🙂

  11. Scott Charters says:

    Peppered steak cut bacon describes my babies love!!!!

  12. ApplewoodBaconBaby! says:

    Applewood Bacon describes us! Simple, classic, and always a touch of sweetness!

  13. Dave Collins says:

    Love the Cajun! ! SPICY!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Cajun-Style Steak-Cut Bacon spice keeps it lively.

  15. li.mi. hall says:

    I love smoked apple bacon

  16. Jane Contello says:

    Bacon is loved by everyone. It brings the family together, and is the central ingredient for so many wonderful food creations. Classic, wonderful, favored by all.

  17. Diana Ingram says:

    LOVE to eat cook bacon love to make sandwiches desserts dinner salads and so many other different ways i use bacon in our home

  18. Linda Boron says:

    Bacon, bacon, bacon….everything’s better with bacon, especially these yummy varieties. Applewood is the most versatile, but all equally delicious.

  19. Emily says:

    Definitely the Applewood smoked – steak cut bacon! =)

  20. Jacki Monk says:

    Applewood Smoked Steak Cut Bacon is my classic choice…for a classic bacon lover with a classic recipe…for my new favorite classic meal!

  21. kris says:

    Mmmmmm bacon

  22. Tanya Bates says:

    Peppered country steak- cut bacon sounds a lot like me and my Honey because like bacon, he is all I could ever want with just enough spice to keep things sizzling.

  23. My sweetie is sizzling hot like Peppered country bacon, Sweet as the Apple wood cut bacon, and Party it up like Cajun Bacon

  24. liz says:

    peppered 🙂

  25. Anne Maturan says:

    Apple Wood Smoked Steat-Cut Bacon hands down! Savory relationship for us!

  26. Jan Donahue says:

    You had me at Bacon!!

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