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Wednesday Giveaway – August 3

Rules: You must respond in the comment section below with your answer and a valid email address where we can contact you if you’re a winner. We will select a group of three random entries who have posted the correct answer to today’s question by 8:00pm CST – today’s winners will each receive a $20 Omaha Steaks E-Card! Ready, set, go!

Wednesday Giveaway Trivia Question:

Who was the month of August named after?

We’ll randomly select three winners who have posted the correct answer by 8:00pm CST today, August 3rd.

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220 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway – August 3

  1. gayle frasch says:

    Augustus Ceasar

  2. Iaisha G says:

    Augustus Ceasar

  3. brenda says:

    love that steak!!!!!!

  4. Sharon Schoepe says:

    August was named after Augustus Caesar

  5. Kenneth Michelson says:

    Agustus Caesar, or in latin “Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus”

  6. This giveaway would be an awesome present to give my soldier when he comes home for a midtour break!

  7. Kathy says:

    Emperor Augustus

  8. Michelle Coles says:

    Augustus Caesar

  9. Lisa Grassetti says:

    Augustus Caesar!

  10. Kevin Bell says:

    Augustus Caesar

  11. Jennifer says:

    Augustus Caesar

  12. Not2Haute says:

    Augustus Caesar

  13. Ben Rosen says:

    Augustus Caeser!!!

  14. Ezell Willard says:

    Augustus Caesar

  15. SORRY…DUH…AUGUSTUS CEASAR aka…Julius Ceasar is who the month of August was named after

  16. April Marshall says:

    Augustus – Julius Caesar Augustus

  17. Wendy P says:

    Caesar Augustus

  18. Karen says:


  19. Kimberly Rarick says:

    Caesar Augustus

  20. ST. AUGUSTA ???????????????????????? JUST A GUESS.

  21. Debbie Walsh says:

    Augustus Caesar

  22. Ben Rosen says:

    Augustus Caeser

  23. Lori C. says:


  24. Courtney says:

    Augustus Caesar

  25. David says:

    The month of August was named after Julius Caesar’s grandnephew Augustus after defeating Marc Anthony and Cleopatra.

  26. Kathy Garrett says:

    Augustus Caesar

  27. Eric Marshall says:

    Julius Caesar Augustus

  28. Courtney Lund says:

    Augustus Caesar

  29. “Augustus” Ruler of Rome

  30. Debra P says:

    Augustus Caesar

  31. Laura W. says:

    Augustus Caesar

  32. Donald Hayes says:

    Augustus Caesar

  33. Marc Andrade says:

    Augustus Ceasar

  34. Michelle Clement says:

    After Julius’s grandnephew Augustus defeated Marc Antony and Cleopatra, and became emperor of Rome, the Roman Senate decided that he too should have a month named after him. The month Sextillus (sex = six) was chosen for Augustus, and the senate justified its actions in the following resolution:

    Whereas the Emperor Augustus Caesar, in the month of Sextillis . . . thrice entered the city in triumph . . . and in the same month Egypt was brought under the authority of the Roman people, and in the same month an end was put to the civil wars; and whereas for these reasons the said month is, and has been, most fortunate to this empire, it is hereby decreed by the senate that the said month shall be called Augustus.

    Not only did the Senate name a month after Augustus, but it decided that since Julius’s month, July, had 31 days, Augustus’s month should equal it: under the Julian calendar, the months alternated evenly between 30 and 31 days (with the exception of February), which made August 30 days long. So, instead of August having a mere 30 days, it was lengthened to 31, preventing anyone from claiming that Emperor Augustus was saddled with an inferior month.

  35. mary kay olson says:

    Augustus Caesar

  36. Kris says:

    Augustus Caesar in 8 B.C.

  37. Barbara says:

    Julius Caesar Augustus

  38. Wendy Lloyd says:

    The month of August was named after Agustus Ceasar

  39. Sharon Tice says:

    Augustus Caesar

  40. Kate Holland says:


  41. Faith Zombori says:

    Emperor Augustus Caesar

  42. Pamela DeLuca says:

    Augustus Caesar

  43. amy dendy says:

    augustus ceaser

  44. Ellen B says:

    Augustus Caesar

  45. SMAYLIN says:

    Augustus Caesar

  46. brian daniel says:

    ME OE Agustus from Latin Augustus (Caesar) 8 BC. The original name was sextilis, sixth month in the early Roman calendar……..and ther u go…lol

  47. April says:

    August was named in honor of Augustus Caesar.

  48. Scott Pierson says:

    Augustus Caesar

  49. Deanna says:

    Augustus Ceasar

  50. Neil Sims says:

    caeser augustus

  51. Donna Drew says:

    Augustus Ceasar

  52. Donna says:

    The month of August was named after Augustus.

  53. Sharon Rooney says:

    Augustus Caesar

  54. Karen says:

    Augustus – Julius Caesar Augustus

  55. Pamela Senich says:

    Augustus Caesar

  56. Jenne Turner says:

    Augustus (play /?????st?s/;[1] Latin: Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus;[2] 23 September 63 BC – 19 August AD 14) is considered the first emperor of the Roman Empire, which he ruled alone from 27 BC until his death in AD 14. Born Gaius Octavius Thurinus, he was adopted posthumously by his great-uncle Gaius Julius Caesar in 44 BC via his last will and testament, and between then and 27 BC was officially named Gaius Julius Caesar. In 27 BC the Senate awarded him the honorific Augustus (“the revered one”), and thus consequently he was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus. Because of the various names he bore, it is common to call him Octavius when referring to events between 63 and 44 BC, Octavian (or Octavianus) when referring to events between 44 and 27 BC, and Augustus when referring to events after 27 BC. In Greek sources, Augustus is known as ???????? (Octavius), ?????? (Caesar), ????????? (Augustus), or ???????? (Sebastos), depending on context. – from wikipedia

  57. Adrianne Wright says:

    Augustus Caesar

  58. Honey Fenimore says:

    Julius Caesar Augustus

  59. Sandra Griffin says:

    Augustus Caesar

  60. brenda kafka says:

    It seems it was Augustus Ceasar the Roman Emperor

  61. stacy shaw says:

    caeser augustus

  62. Ann Marie Kleiss says:

    Augustus Caesar

  63. Kristin Atwood says:

    Augustus Caesar

  64. Julie says:

    Augustus Caesar

  65. janet says:

    Augustus Caesar

  66. Colleen Gray says:

    Augustus Caesar

  67. Deb says:

    Augustus Caesar

  68. Kathy Armstrong says:

    Augustus Caesar

  69. Brian says:

    Augustus Julius Caesar in 8 BC as he gave the month 31 days when his calendar was made in 45 BC

  70. paulette atkins hicks says:

    Augustus Caesar

  71. Dorothy McClave says:

    Caeser Augustus

  72. Tony Laszlo says:

    Augustus Caesar

  73. Augustus Caesar

  74. Scott says:

    Roman emperor Augustus

  75. Deborah says:

    Augustus Caesar

  76. Francina and Jason Golem says:

    Julius Caesar

  77. Rose Marie says:

    Mr. Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar.

  78. Cindy Rodarte says:

    Augustus Caesar

  79. Marty Owens says:

    Augustus Crass

  80. catherine lacy says:

    Julius caesar augustus

  81. Lori says:

    Augustus Caesar who was the Ruler of Rome

  82. Susan Petrey says:

    August (pronunciation) (help·info) is the eighth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and one of seven months with a length of 31 days.[1]

    This month was originally named Sextilis in Latin, because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar under Romulus in 753 BC, when March was the first month of the year. About 700 BC it became the eighth month when January and February were added to the year before March by King Numa Pompilius, who also gave it 29 days. Julius Caesar added two days when he created the Julian calendar in 45 BC giving it its modern length of 31 days. In 8 BC it was renamed in honor of Augustus, who did not take a day from February (see the debunked theory on month lengths). According to a Senatus consultum quoted by Macrobius, he chose this month because it was the time of several of his great triumphs, including the conquest of Egypt.

  83. RITA DICARLO says:

    ME cuz my birthday is August 29th! :-) Actually, Augustus Caeser.

  84. Kat says:

    Augustus Caesar in 8 B.C.

  85. clarice says:

    Augustas Octavius Caesar, thanks for giving me a chance.

  86. Ron Lome says:

    Augustus Caesar

  87. cheryl says:


  88. Tonya Bleau says:

    Augustus Caesar

  89. Elizabeth Hambrick says:

    The month August was named after Augustus Caesar

  90. Kristin Dutt says:

    Augustas Caesar! Would be thrilled to win

  91. Glen McKinney says:

    Augustus Caesar

  92. jeff stevens says:

    augustus caesar

  93. Gary Johnson says:


  94. Gale Alexander says:

    The month of August was named after Augustus Ceasar

  95. Brian says:

    Augustus Caesar

  96. Augusta Caesar

  97. John Mark says:

    Augustus Caesar is how August got it’s name.

  98. Lynn Burns says:

    Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus (Julius Caesar’s adopted son)

  99. Marshall Mcgee says:

    Augusta Caesar

  100. Bob Hendriksen says:

    Augustus Caesar

  101. Gale Alexander says:

    The month of August was named after Augustus Ceasar>>>>

  102. luis acevedo says:

    Augustus Caesar
    emperor of rome

  103. j. e. douglas says:

    Augustus Caesar

  104. patrick stoll says:

    julius augustus caesar

  105. Sharyl says:

    Augustus Caesar

  106. matt workman says:

    i love thest stakes Augustas Csesar thats who august was named after

  107. Deborah Good says:

    augustus caeser

  108. r. soto says:

    Augustus Caeser

  109. Barbara Wheeler says:

    Cesar Augustus

  110. Josie Berlin says:

    Augustus Ceasar…The Emperor of Rome!!!

  111. M.D.Doughty says:

    You guys should try doing a Filet Oscar

  112. M.D.Doughty says:

    Cesar Augustus

  113. Barbara Wheeler says:

    Augustus Caesar

  114. Glenn Petersen says:

    Augustus Caesar, to make his month the same length as Julius Caesar….couldn’t be outdone…lol

  115. Emily says:

    Augustus Caesar

  116. Charles Moore says:

    Augustus Caesar

  117. FrAnKiE MuRpHy says:

    Augustus Caesar

  118. pam dietrich says:

    The correct answer to todays trivia question is. Who is :Julius Augustus Caesar! Would love to get some grilling meat!

  119. Dee Rogowski says:

    Augustus Caesar

  120. FrAnKiE MuRpHy says:

    Augustus Caesar

  121. david says:

    Cesar agustus.

  122. Cory Cotten says:

    Augustus Caesar in 8 B.C

  123. Josie Berlin says:

    oops misspelled last name lol

    actually the Month of August was
    Sextilis had 30 days, until Numa when it had 29 days, until Julius when it became 31 days long.

    Augustus Caesar clarified and completed the calendar reform of Julius Caesar. In the process, he also renamed this month after himself.

  124. Tracey Heim says:

    August was named in honor of Augustus. The month reputedly has 31 days because Augustus wanted as many days as Julius Caesar’s July. Augustus placed the month where it is because that is when Cleopatra died. Before Augustus renamed August, it was called Sextilis in Latin, since it was the sixth month in the Roman calendar which started in March.

  125. Melanie says:

    Caesar Agustus

  126. Jon Smith says:

    Augustus Caesar

  127. Lori says:

    Augustus Caesar

  128. Jennifer says:

    Augustus Caesar.

  129. rebecca says:

    Augustus Caesar

  130. Linda G says:

    Julius Augustus Caesar

  131. Kirsten says:

    Augustus Caesar

  132. Chris Maria says:


  133. Sharen Robertson says:

    Augustus Ceasar

  134. Brenda says:

    originally named Sextilis

  135. Sheila Swenson says:

    Julius Caesar

  136. Lora Penn says:

    Cesar Augustus

  137. Jenn says:

    Augustus Caesar

  138. Kristi Guffey says:

    caeser augustus…..actually born Octavia

  139. sunshine says:

    Augustus Caesar

  140. Name (required) says:

    Caesar Augustus

  141. Kelly says:

    julius augustus caesar

  142. Kathy Holmes says:

    Augustus Caesar

  143. John Jankowski says:

    caesar Augustus indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. jennifer cooper says:

    Augustus Caesar :)

  145. clarice says:

    AUGUSTAS OCTAVIUS CAESAR , thanks for the chance to enter this.

  146. Shannon Laxton says:

    Augustus Caesar

  147. Linda F says:

    Augustus Caesar

  148. Patricia Garces says:

    Augustus Caesar… Emperor Of Rome..

  149. clarice says:

    Augustas octavius caesar.

  150. edward williams says:

    augustus caesar

  151. Marsha says:

    Augustus Caesar! He though he was as important as Julius Caesar!

  152. Rich Harris says:

    Augustus Caesar Roman empiror after Brutus.

  153. Melinda says:

    Augustus Caesar

  154. kathy hall says:

    ceasar augustus

  155. Laura says:

    The Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar!

  156. alan van tongeren says:

    Augustus Caesar.

  157. Martha Morgan says:

    I believe it was Agustus Caesar

  158. Wendy Rodriguez says:

    The month of August is named after Augustus Caesar adopted son of Julius Caesar.

  159. paula says:

    Ceasar Augustus

  160. I’m sure it’s Ceasar Augustus

  161. Carol Sweeney says:

    Augustus Ceasar

  162. Laurie Harner says:

    Ceasar Augustus

  163. Big Tom says:

    Ceasar Augusta

  164. Big Tom says:


  165. Sue Neegard says:

    The Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar!

  166. Mary Samz says:

    Augustus Ceasar

  167. Marsha says:

    Julius Caesar!!! Pick me!!!!

  168. Joyce Willard says:

    Augustus Caesar of Rome

  169. Richard says:

    Augustus Caesar

  170. lilly says:

    Augustus Caesar.

  171. Kimberly Wood says:

    It was named after Augustus Caesar.

  172. Stella Moore says:

    Augustus Caesar I want to win this.

  173. Kimberly Wood says:

    They named it after Augustus Caesar!!!

  174. linda brooks says:

    Augustus Caesar



  176. Carol Williams says:

    Augustus Caesar

  177. Amy C says:

    Caesar Augustus :)

  178. warren morford says:

    Augustus Caesar

  179. Derek Wright says:

    Augustus Caesar

  180. Debbie Picklesimer says:

    ceasar augustus

  181. Mark says:

    Augustus Caesar

  182. Eugenie says:

    Augustus Caesar

  183. richard skinner says:

    Caesar Augustus

  184. sydelle houston says:

    Julius Caesar’s grand nephew Augustus.

  185. Howell says:

    Augustus Caesar

  186. Diana says:

    Caesar Augustus

  187. Rhonda says:

    Caesar Augustus

  188. David lehrman says:

    Augustus caesar

  189. Tonya Payne says:

    Caesar Augustus

  190. Amanda says:

    Cesar Augustus

  191. Augustus Caesar (he was born with the name of Octavian and became heir to Julius Caesar’s empire)

  192. Kathy Hanley says:

    Augustus Caesar

  193. Patricia P says:

    Augustus Caesar.

  194. Ron says:

    Augustus Caesar

  195. Annemarie says:

    Caesar Augustus

  196. scott says:

    Augustus Caesar

  197. Martin says:

    Augustus Ceaser

  198. Marsha says:

    The month of August was named after Augustus Caesar

  199. John knipple says:

    Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus

  200. JAN says:


  201. Mary W says:

    Augustus Caesar

  202. SANDY says:

    Augustus Caesar

  203. thomas um says:

    Augustus Caesar

  204. Paul Donelan says:

    Caesar Augustus

  205. LOUISE says:

    Augustus Caesar

  206. Deb G says:

    Augustus Caesar

  207. MeghaN says:

    The Emperor Augustus Caesar!

  208. Caitlin Perkinson says:

    YAY! I made it just in time :) The month of August was named after Augustus Caesar.

    Good luck to all!!

  209. Brian L says:

    Augustus Caesar

  210. Emily Gonzalez says:

    Augustus Caesar

  211. ria says:

    augustus caesar
    rmartinclarke at gmail dot com

  212. Sue Spragins says:

    the month of august is named after the roman emperor Augustus Caesar

  213. Vickey says:

    Augustus Ceaser

  214. elaine weiner says:

    Augustus Caesar

  215. Jim Busler says:

    Emperor augustus Caesar !!!
    I’ve gotten the pack deals from the truck but they havent
    Been back i was suppouse go get an order form and a book
    To order from as well as Coupons and never received anything !!

  216. sarah siskin says:

    caesar augustus

  217. Kristin says:

    Caesar Augustus

  218. judy mcgrath says:

    ceasar augustus

  219. Beth Rodrigues says:

    Caesar Augustus

  220. Jonna Boelke says:

    Born and raised in Iowa – Herbert Hoover!!

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