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How to Refreeze Your Omaha Steaks Products

It’s been said that we eat with our eyes before anything else, and sometimes our eyes may be hungrier than our stomachs. We’ve all been there – you plan for a big dinner party but some plans end up changing last minute, you end up with fewer guests than anticipated or have to delay the party entirely for another day. What to do with the steaks and other meat items that you’ve taken down from the freezer to thaw?

Refreezing meat products is quick and easy if you follow the steps outlined below. For starters, determine how long your items have been out to thaw. As a good rule of thumb, avoid refreezing items that have been thawed and left at room temperature for longer than two hours. If your items have been kept at refrigerated temperatures (between 36?and 40? F) you can safely refreeze them within one to two days of thawing. Items removed from their vacuum sealed packaging should be placed in any freezer-safe wrapping to avoid freezer burn. If your grilling goodies are still in their vacuum sealed packaging, simply place them back into the freezer to enjoy on another day.

Now that you know the tricks of the trade it’s easy to save any extra or unused Omaha Steaks products to grill up with family and friends in the future.

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