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Summer Grilling Tips and Tricks with Chef Karl and Catalog Spree

Chef Karl is widely known in certain circles, and definitely around the Omaha Steaks offices, as a true grilling aficionado. So yesterday, he was kind enough to share some of his best summer grilling tips and favorite recipes with the Catalog Spree team in a #SteakChat Twitterview. If you didn’t get the chance to follow along with the conversation live yesterday don’t fear – you can catch a recap below.

Catalog Spree: Thanks so much @OmahaSteaks for taking the time for a #Twitterview today! #SteakChat
Today’s #Twitterview is about two of our favorite things: #summer and #grilling. And to help us, we have @OmahaSteaks Chef Karl. #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: Hi! And thanks for having me. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree: Let’s start with what make your #steaks so good. How does @OmahaSteaks do it? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: Our beef is grain-fed, aged, trimmed by hand and flash frozen to capture freshness and flavor. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree: Ok, let’s talk #grilling. What’s the first thing you need to get started? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: Aside from a good grill you’ll need a set of tongs, grill brush, meat thermometer and olive oil to help any seasonings stick. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree: Do you prefer charcoal or gas grills? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: It’s really a matter of personal choice, either way make sure it’s on a high heat & have a good meat thermometer. #SteakChatCatalog Spree: What about the lid? Up or down? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: It’s always best to keep the grill lid down. You get more of a smoke flavor & your food will cook more evenly. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree:
 Any other tips for #summer #grilling?  #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: One good rule of thumb is the 60/40 grilling method. First side for 60% of the time, 40% of the time on the other. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree:
 That’s a great tip. How do you know how long you should cook a certain cut of meat?  #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: We’ve made it easy with our SteakTime #iPhone #app. It tells you when to turn a steak & cook it to perfection. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree:
 That’s a great app. What if I don’t have a thermometer?  #SteakChat.
Omaha Steaks: Use your finger as a guide. Rare will be somewhat soft, medium springy firmness and well done will be very firm. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree:
 Great! Now that we have the basics, let’s talk #steak. What’s the best meat for grilling? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: Almost anything can be grilled. Steak, #seafood, poultry – all work well and can be tailored for you & any guests. #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: A personal favorite of mine is our boneless strip steak. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree:
 What’s one of your favorite recipes right now for #grilling? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: A classic is #beef, pepper & mushroom kabobs. Simple and total prep & cooking time is short #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: And the perfect steak cut for those kabobs is our Omaha Steaks Beef Sirloin Tips. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree:
 What about #fish? Does @OmahaSteaks have seafood items? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: You bet. We have everything from #swordfish steaks to #lobster tails. #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: We even have an entire catalog dedicated to seafood! Check out World Port Seafoods here: #SteakChatCatalog Spree: What are some good rules for cooking seafood on the grill? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: The same 60/40 grill time method works well and a good seafood spatula is very helpful. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree:
 Do you have a good #fish recipe you would like to share? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: A great #summer recipe is grilled marinated #swordfish with fresh mango salsa. #SteakChat

Catalog Spree: 
Yum! I know we always think of #grilling as an outdoor activity. Can you #grill inside, too? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: Sure. Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, so you can broil in the oven, use a convection oven or indoor grill #SteakChat

Catalog Spree:
 What’s the best way to order @OmahaSteaks? #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: There are a lot of ways: online, via the phone, in a store or catalogs like on @CatalogSpree #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: And our #SteakChat followers, save 62% & get 2 free gifts when you shop now via Catalog Spree #SteakChat

Catalog Spree:
 Thank you Chef Karl for your time today and sharing so many great #summer #grilling ideas! #SteakChat
Omaha Steaks: Anytime! For more great #grilling recipes, be sure to check out our blog SteakBytes at #SteakChat



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