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5 Bunless Beef Burgers To Try

With summer in full swing and every family is firing up their grill and cooking some good ol’ burgers left and right, why not jazz up this American classic and try these unique, bunless and dairy-free burger creations? Before you shake your head and say it ain’t a burger unless it came with buns, let me assure you that each one is packed with so many complimenting flavors you won’t even miss the bread and cheese. These are no ordinary burgers, so prepare to eat them with a knife and fork but trust me, it will be worth it.

1. Sunny Side Up

Who says eggs can only be eaten for breakfast? If I had to choose only one, then this is what I would call the ultimate burger. Savory and satisfying, the delicious runny yolk coats everything with a rich and creamy sauce packed with nutrients and essential fatty acids. Don’t worry, the yolk is good for you so enjoy with gusto!

On a bed of baby greens, add an 8oz. Omaha Steaks beef patty and top it with a thick slice of heirloom tomato, sautéed baby bella mushrooms, caramelized shallots and a sunny side up egg. Gently pierce the yolk and marvel at the sight of that bright yolk as it slowly oozes down your burger. Now dig in.

2. Do the Salsa

This burger will feel like a party in your mouth with your taste buds dancing to the tune of a fire roasted salsa. Missed out on all the Cinco de Mayo shenanigans? Not to worry, start your own party any time and whip up this gourmet burger that packs a lot of heat without sacrificing flavor.

Start with some mild greens such as lettuce, then add a generous portion of guacamole and set an 8oz. Omaha Steaks beef patty on it and top with chunky tomato salsa, fire roasted green chilies, sliced jalapenos, drizzle with cilantro lime mayo and garnish with more cilantros. Feeling daring? Swap the jalapeños with habaneros to up the ante. Don’t forget to grab a lot of napkins, this can get messy and you wouldn’t want to accidentally rub your eye after licking the salsa from your fingertips. Ayayay!

3. Bring On the Bacon 

For the bacon lover out there, this one’s for you. Prep somer bacon mayo ahead of time by adding  a cup of mayonnaise in a food processor with ¼ cup of bacon drippings (yes, save the fat that you get after frying your bacon, that’s liquid gold right there) and crumble a piece of cooked bacon in it. Let it whirl for 10 seconds and voila, you won’t be able to look at regular mayo the same way again!

All this bacon goodness will be held in place by a pair of nicely grilled Portobello mushroom caps so as you grill your burger patties, lightly oil the mushrooms on both sides and throw it on the grill as well and let it cook for about 2 minutes per side.

To assemble, slather on some bacon mayo on the inside of both Portobello mushrooms and place the first one cap side down on a plate, add 2-3 pieces of cooked bacon, an 8oz. Omaha Steaks beef patty and top it with more bacon mayo (don’t be shy, that stuff is good and will help keep everything in place), grilled red onions, avocado slices and the last Portobello mushroom cap. This is best eaten with your hands so grab that burger and wolf it down, caveman style.

4. Double Meat Please

The cousin of Bring on the Bacon, this Double Meat is sure to please. A simple combination of beef patty and pastrami made extra special with the addition of roasted garlic bone marrow butter. Yes you heard that right! You can make a big log (similar to herbed butter), keep it in the freezer and use as much or as little as you need. Properly sourced bone marrow is packed with omega 3’s, vitamins and minerals so don’t be afraid to give it a try. To make this rich and decadent topping, combine roasted marrow, garlic, ghee, salt and pepper then freeze it until ready to use.

On a big bowl of greens of your choice, add an 8oz. Omaha Steaks beef patty then a slice (or two) of marrow butter, top it with a roasted red tomato and shaved pastrami. Let the marrow slowly melt into the beef before you enjoy your extraordinary burger. You’re welcome.

5. Classic with a Twist

Finally, this burger pays tribute to an all-time classic by adding a fun twist to the usual ingredients. Swap out the cheese with coleslaw and you’ll still have that creamy mouth feel with an additional crunch plus it’s much more fun to eat! And who needs ketchup if you have garlic aioli? It goes so well with burgers and becomes the perfect dip when enjoying a side of sweet potato fries.

On fresh lettuce leaves, add some coleslaw, an 8oz. Omaha Steaks beef patty, sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers and a dollop of garlic aioli. For the less adventurous or picky eaters, start ‘em up with this one and I’m sure they will never go back to regular burgers again!

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