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Chicken in Pastry with Warm Brussels Sprouts and Arugula Salad

Let’s face it. We are all tired. And sometimes, after a day filled with meetings, 6 loads of laundry, a sniffling toddler and an everlasting sinus infection that just won’t quit, the last thing I want is to make is dinner. My husband usually comes home late from work, so the munchkin and I typically have a nice light dinner with veggies and chicken, buttery omelets with turkey bacon or just a yogurt. After this I typically spend an hour wrestling her to bed and getting creative with stories about the owls and foxes who live in the trees in our backyard who are also putting their babies to sleep.

On one such Thursday, she was feeling sickly and I decided to get her into bed a bit earlier. I had spent almost 2 hours wrestling her to bed.   By 8:30pm I was exhausted and ready for some mommy juice (AKA a nice glass of my Supertuscan vino) I heard the garage open. “Ahhhh he’s here, Netflix here we come” I thought. Excited to spend the remainder of my night with my husband, I was slightly thrown off when I saw him walk in with my 17 year old nephew and his friend. They all kissed me on the cheek as they tumbled in, thankfully leaving their snow soaked boots in the garage and not on our freshly cleaned floors.

“Babe, can you make us something to eat? “ I snarled to myself and sighed quietly. It’s a Thursday night let me remind you. By Thursday nights, my fridge has been emptied out, perfectly timed for my Friday night grocery shopping.

I cracked open the freezer and noticed that I had some Omaha Steaks Chicken in Pastry hanging out along with a few bags of frozen Brussels sprouts.

While the boys played an intense game on the Xbox, I went to work quickly. The chicken wrapped in pastry proved to be the easiest of all. Preheat oven. CHECK. Brush with egg wash. CHECK. Place in oven. CHECK. And that’s it.


Butter for Chicken Pastry EDITED



Onto another sheet pan I threw my frozen Brussels sprouts along with a few squirts of olive oil and salt and pepper and let them roast until tender and golden brown.


Brussels Sprouts EDITED


Perhaps the wine that I was sipping on had gotten me in the cooking mode, but I decided I wanted to get fancy with the Brussels sprouts. Inspired by a recent dish that I had in New Orleans, I decided to jazz the little sprouts up with some balsamic vinegar, pancetta, dates and candied pecans.

I served the boys their dinner and they were all ooooh’s and ahhh’s, except the hubs of course, who is used to this sort of treatment. Spoiled brat that he is.

Everyone was fed. I got to relax on the couch. And I decided the dishes could wait until tomorrow.


Omaha Steaks Chicken in Pastry with Warm Brussels Sprouts and Arugula Salad

  • 1 package of Omaha Steaks Chicken in Pastry
  • 2 frozen packages of Brussels sprouts
  • 2 thick slices of pancetta (about 3 oz) cut up into cubes
  • 6-7 dates, sliced up
  • ¼ cup of balsamic vinegar glaze
  • ½ cup of candied pecans
  • 1 package or 6 cups of baby arugula
  • 1 egg + 1 T of water
  • Optional cherry tomatoes as a garnish
  • Olive oil for baking Brussels sprouts

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  2. Place chicken in pastry on a slightly oiled sheet pan.
  3. Feel free to use the foil pans for super easy clean up.
  4. Combine egg with about 1 tbsp of water for the egg wash.
  5. Brush the chicken in pastry with the egg wash and place into the oven for about 30-45 minutes, until crust is golden brown and the inside is hot and bubbly.
  6. Place the Brussels sprouts straight out of the freezer onto a sheet pan, again feel free to use the foil pans for super easy clean up.
  7. Drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Toss and place in the oven.
  8. Place diced pancetta into a COLD frying pan. You want to start in a cold frying pan so the fat gently renders out and you get nice crispy pieces. Turn the heat to medium heat and let it render.
  9. Once the brussel sprouts are nicely browned and soft on the inside, about 20 minutes, place into the pan with the pancetta.
  10. Over medium heat, add in balsamic glaze and dates. Toss everything to combine.
  11. Place arugula in a bowl, toss with brussel sprouts and sprinkle candied pecans on top. Garnish with tomatoes if desired. Serve immediately.


Chicken Pastry with Brussels Sprouts EDITED

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