by Kita Roberts


How to Make A Charcuterie Platter

Ever been to those parties that seem to have it all? A themed cocktail the moment you take your jacket off, bite sized appetizers, and a cupcake dessert tower with all the trimmings? It looks amazing and tastes wonderful too. The picture perfect presentation for a gathering.

Well, guess what. With a little prep, you too can pull off a little host or hostess magic.


Prep your stations ahead of time and pick up a few essential trimmings and a stunning Charcuterie Platter to welcome your guests is only minutes away.




  • First order yourself a Gourmet Sampler from Omaha Steaks for a wonderful selection of cured meats to pick from. A key to a great platter is a variety of flavors. Consider pairing a bold spicy salami with a subtle herbed one for a nice selection.


  • Grab a vintage serving tray, a clean marble slab, or a rugged wooden cutting board to display your choices but to also give people a place to cut new slices.


  • Pair the salami with a few different types of cheese. A soft chevre or brie, a bold flavorful blu, something that’s always a crowd pleaser like cheddar. Let people pick and choose their combos.


  • Arrange the cheese and meats on your tray and garnish with gourmet olives, pickles, grainy mustard, marinated mushrooms or artichokes, and crostini slices.


  • Always have a few slices already cut and ready to go to welcome guests. If the tray is too perfect and untouched, some people won’t be brave enough to break the ice and dig in!




Really, a stunning charcuterie platter isn’t hard and only takes a few moments to set up. Which means you can spend more time mixing cocktails or mingling with friends!





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Kita Roberts has been in the food blog world for 5 years, authoring and photographer both the meat centered and the little bit of sweet and savoy, Her food photos have been featured on Bon Appetit Online, Huffington Post, Tastespotting, Foodgawker, Tasty Kitchen, and a variety of food magazines. Kita has a deep passion for great food, travel, mountain biking, and photography. She loves all things smoked and hates cilantro. When she isn't grinding her own beef for burgers, she can be found at the local dives scoping out the next big thing to hit her local scene.

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