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Which Kind of Tailgate Host Are You?

There are all kinds of tailgate hosts. The style is all about what enhances the host’s/hostess’s enjoyment of the total game experience. There are no right or wrong or good or bad styles.

With that in mind. . .and just for fun, where do you land in this list?

1. The Average Joe Tailgater

These tailgaters show up, pull down their tailgate or open their trunk and pull out a cooler or carrier with food and drinks. Chips and dip, finger food, maybe sandwiches and drinks. There might be burgers and dogs if they want to bother with a small grill – but probably not. It’s all about taking it easy, enjoying the pre-game energy and focusing on the impending game.


Gameday Grilling Combo

2. The Social Butterfly Tailgater

Being a hospitable host and making sure everyone is content is your focus. There will be burgers and brats, Italian sausage and franks and a decent grill because you’re a grill master at heart and there’ll be lots to share with all who show up to say “Hello, what’s cookin’?” They may have to stand around, but they’ll feel welcome! And there’ll be at least an awning for shade and protection from the elements. You arrive early to set up the food, then spend the rest of the day conversing with your guests!

3. The Seasoned Tailgater

This isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve been doing this for years, and people come to expect a great time every week. There’s going to be lots of food – maybe some pulled pork or BBQ beef added to the usual menu, too. (More things are going to be prepared in advance- dips, finger food, appetizers.) Possibly two grills and a team with team t-shirts, a tent is likely here with chairs on an all-weather carpet and late in the fall there could be a space heater provided.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 1.16.34 PM

4. The Overprepared Tailgater

You are the Swiss army knife of tailgates. Of course there will be three grills! You need lots of grilling real estate for your team to work. Now besides a humungous feast of food, there’ll be tubs of ice loaded with beverages, a tent or large awning and chairs and there has to be a big TV! You’ll have drinking games and music, plus blankets, space heaters, umbrellas, bug spray, sun block – anything and everything you might possibly need to enjoy the experience. The crowd will be huge and the atmosphere less personal, though. But this is the science of tailgating, Baby! (Who knows, you might even make it into the game!)

5. The Ritzy Tailgater

By contrast, this select group will surely be by invitation, only. The “tailgate” – if in the parking lot at all – will be an oasis in the sea of boisterous, enthusiastic fans. All the accoutrements will be present – including table clothes and perhaps flowers. The gourmet array of appetizers will be called hors’deouvres – cheeses and charcuterie plus other finger-food treats. The enticing aroma drifting from the grill will be mouthwatering steaks paired with appropriate wines. The guests will be thoroughly satisfied as they settle in to watch the game. This is the art of tailgating, my dears.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 1.00.50 PM

Omaha Steaks Tailgate Headquarters

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